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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ohh I see....

The girl from the OC lets some knob shine last week as she does some light browsing.

Thank you Mischa.

K&T is back!

sorry for the delay between post... kitties and titties is back and stronger then ever.

check back soon for the hot shit.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bitches freaking out over the K&T

So I come home late last night after dropping a 5 spot at my local deli on some red delicious to find who else but Kate "can i borrow your keys" Moss in my apartment!...sweet right? Wrong.

Freaking out she just keeps telling me she wants to be apart of Kitties N' Titties. Does what she called the tittie shuffle and fucks up my new drapery.

I'm lucky I had my strip cam setup from the night before.

enjoy the love:

Monday, November 21, 2005

Two Tongue Cat Alert!

K&T is at it again breaking the news you need to hear.

Here we have your standard black catious boringious.

But wait a second... This little piece of bitch has two tongues.

You can check out some sweet dual meow video action here:

Celeb Nipple Slipple of the Week

Ahh slippy nipple. They try to contain you and you just keep popping up, out, and all over.

I wonder if Gwen will ever learn , first she gets together with that douche from Bush, now she's trafficking pee's on the red carpet and thinks somebody aint gonna notice?

I guess when you put out records with that genius Pharrell ( yah your ice cream sneakers look great) you can get away with showing half a rack.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Raise it up .. Word it up....

A ragdoll named Casey Cat don't give a ....

So I have an older sister who is cutting her teeth in the cat lady profession. Shit is raw. Coming strapped with not one but two computer operated litter boxes a case of 9 Lives and membership to Sam's Club.

Here we have Casey Cat. Casey comes to us from the suburbs of Philadelphia. He's long , lean and clean and looking to party at the drop of a hat. Just don't step to his turf.

Clearly Casey enjoys keeping a close eye on his hood with a birds eye view of the Lair.


Bucci Twins connected at the knob....

I found these truely outragous jems while doing some light browsing today and couldnt help but give them a shout out.

From what I can tell the Bucci twins or "those girl's connected at the titty" were born in the early 80's before boobie seperation was even considered by the worlds top doctors.

Relax and enjoy the sunset...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Best Boobies ever?

"I've been hearing some chatter on the web about 'the best boobs ever' and it sounds like these knob goblins (aka 'keeley hazell') just might take the honorable title of 'Top Titties of All Cities' (trophy pic on the left) for a short period in 2005.
Only time will tell, but for now let's take a minute and enjoy the best boobies ever."

Feature of the week: LaLa from Los Angeles

Lala loves hanging out in the dryer , Gordo , her mom and hanging on the curtains.

She has been cute since birth and has a hard time settling down for naps.

Lala is a front runner for this years "Meow Mix -All Mixed Up" award.

ugh, it my shit

Here come's kitties...

Here come's titties....

Kitties N' Titties coming soon!